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A free app to track school bus

  • Anyone can create the bus group

  • App is free for school and bus drivers

  • App is useful even when the school bus not using the app

  • Receive alerts when bus going to come at your stop

  • Bus Driver or Friend can share bus location with app

  • Shows real time bus location

Login with your google credential

No need to remember one more username and password

Dashboard Screen

View all joined bus and stop time

Advanced setting to change configuration

Anyone can create bus

Join the bus group, by entering school zip and bus passcode

Any bus member can see bus joining information from Advance Setting - Info Screen

Setting Screen

Set your bus time

Setup how early alarm you want

See the bus path and real time bus location

Inform other when bus is at your stop

When you in bus share your location and others can see real time bus location

Auto detects bus time change

Give option to change your bus time in one click