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A free app for your school bus

Smart Alarm

  • Forget days of watching clock and calculating, how many minutes more you have before the bus arrives.

  • Create a bus in Trackie and set your stop time. Trackie will remind you to go to stop on time

  • Trackie announces, the bus coming in how many minutes.

  • Trackie sends notifications to remind for the bus.

  • Record bus arrival in one click and keep track of the time when the bus coming these days.

  • The announcer auto adjust the time based on the previous three bus arrival times.

Even Better! Group Up and Track School Bus

  • Form a group by creating a bus and give joining information to riders and parents for them to join.

  • When a member records bus arrival, other members see the bus location on the map.

  • You see real-time bus location when a member in the bus shares location.

  • Trackie records the bus path when the location is shared from the bus.

  • More accurate bus coming announcement will come when the bus path and real-time bus location are available.

Bus Tracking Solution For School

  • Trackie app is free for school and easy to use.

  • Use the app to provide real-time bus location and arrival estimates to students and parents.

  • For each school bus route, create a bus in Trackie.

  • Give bus passcode to the bus's driver, students, and parents. They all join the bus by entering the school zip code and bus passcode.

  • At the start of the bus journey, the driver will share the location in Trackie app.

  • All members of the bus can see real-time bus location and know in how many minutes the bus will reach their stop.